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Aren't you tired of feeling out of the loop? Of feeling as though you are missing vital information? Let us help you get your life in order with easy to understand seminars, workshops,  eCourse, one on one consultations and more! (QB is not affiliated with any multilevel marketing platform)

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This is a debt payoff program designed to improve your financial situation while also adjusting your financial decision-making process. The process of paying off debt goes far beyond paying off the money. If you are not provided with adequate support you will find yourself right back where you started, possibly even farther down the rabbit hole. Let me help! I'm more than a person with financial advice I also have my bachelor's in psychology and I had to face my own emotional spending head-on to stop myself from self-sabotaging. This is not an easy fix but it is a long term remedy!

Each plan includes:

  • Monthly Support Sessions using the BLUE method

  • Financial Overview of Your Entire Financial Situation

  • Credit Analysis to Build WHILE Paying off the Debt

  • A Personalized Debt Payoff Plan

  Step 1: Book an Enrollment Session



$100 fee