Diagnosis & Prescription

Financial BluePrint

It's time for a financial reset or check-up! If you're unsure of what that checklist looks like then you're most likely not operating at 100% optimal financial health. This means your finances are in dire need of an adjustment and thorough diagnostic

Your Financial BluePrint provides you with not only an analysis of your entire financial situation but also suggested strategies to improve your overall financial health and achieve your financial goals!

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"Don't Let Your Pockets Be Your Financial Guide™️"

Net Worth Analysis & Strategy

  • Proposed Monthly Budget

  • Financial Foundation Projection

  • Major Money Goals Plan

  • Asset Allocation

  • Equity Sector Comparison

  • Diversification Analysis

  • Elements of Your Financial Health Webinar

  • Discounted Session with Queen

Insurance Analysis & Strategy

  • Life Insurance 

  • Disability Insurance

  • Long Term Care 

  • Homeowner Insurance 

  • Auto Insurance

  • Health Insurance Webinar

  • Life Insurance Webinar

  • 15m Consultation with Our Health & Life Insurance Agent

Debt Analysis & Strategy

  • 3 Credit Bureau Report & Scores

  • Credit Card

  • Auto Loans

  • Personal Loans

  • Student Loans

  • Mortgages

  • Manage Your Money Leverage Your Credit Webinar

  • 15m Consultation with Our Certified Credit Consultant

Retirement Analysis & Strategy

  • Proposed Savings Plan

  • Stress Test

  • Optimal Social Security Strategy

  • Medicare Considerations

  • Cash Flow Assessment

  • Retirement Planning Webinar

  • 15m Consultation with our Retirement Planner

Tax Analysis & Strategy

  • Tax Allocation

  • 1040 Projection

  • Distribution Strategy

  • Withdrawal & Conversion

  • Federal Tax Income Bracket

  • Medicare Premium Analysis

  • 15m Consultation with Our Certified Tax Professional

Estate Analysis & Strategy

  • Checklist

  • Beneficiary Listing

  • Asset Flow Chart

  • Heirs & Charity Comparison

  • Estimated Taxes & Fees

  • 15m Consultation with Our Estate Attorney

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I speak to someone about my financial situation?

Absolutely! If you'd like to speak to our Money Management Strategist who will go through your Financial BluePrint with you please book our Financial Physical The Financial BluePrint is included but in a digital pdf. For the physical binder please order the Financial BluePrint

What does the Financial BluePrint look like?

There are 3 options: -Clear Cover -Signiture Blue -Binder Click into the Financial BluePrint to see the different options, it's the 3rd slide 2nd video

How do I read my Financial BluePrint?

Take a look at the video below and if you'd like to have your BluePrint explained to you please book a Consultation

Where can I find a specialist to assist me?

We have 3rd party certified professionals that we refer our customers to. They are independent of The Queen BluePrint and orperate their own businesses. We've convinced them to allow our referals to speak to them for 15 minutes FREE! Book a session with any member or members of our Care Team

Does this make me a CLIENT?

No, when you ordered your Financial BluePrint it was made clear that: *Customer acknowledges that this product does not create a client relationship **The Customer acknowledges and agrees that the Service Provider is not a certified public accountant, financial planner, psychologist or certified therapist and is not providing any financial, tax, accounting, healthcare or legal advice by providing the Services. The Customer’s decisions made in reliance on the Services are its own for which the Customer has full responsibility Clients sign contracts to work with our Money Management Strategist

How long does it take to get my Financial BluePrint?

This really depends on YOU. We need the information from you in order to begin our process. Once your order is placed you'll receive a confirmation email that includes a link to our intake form. Please complete the intake form in it's absolute entirety with AS MUCH DETAIL as you possibly can. The more detail the better, so be VERY SPECIFIC! If you have any questions about clarity on a QUESTION please don't hesitate to reach out to us website chat (bottom right corner), email team@thequeenblueprint.com, or call/text (877) 387-2583 Once your intake form is submitted and we have no questions we begin processing the following THURSDAY and ship FRIDAY MORNING If we have questions we'll reach out via email team@thequeenblueprint.com or Call/Text (877) 387-2583

Do I have to sign up for Identity IQ and pay $1?

YES, we need a FULL picture of your financial situation and that includes your CREDIT! Unfortunately, we can't add it into the fee because IDIQ wants you to answer security questions that only YOU would know to confirm your identity and provide the reports

When can I cancel Identity IQ and How?

Our hope is that you'll keep the credit monitoring active. It's always a good thing to monitor your credit for any erroneous information or fraud. It's about $20 a month Benifits Instant Access to All 3 Credit Scores ScoreCasterIQ - Premium Benefit! Daily 3 Bureau Credit Monitoring Dark web and Identity Monitoring $1,000,000 ID Theft Insurance* $25K ID Theft Insurance for kids* Roadside Assistance If you still want to cancel no worries, we'll let you know when it's safe to cancel (we want to make sure we can download your uploaded file without issues). You'll need to CALL them to cancel the service

How often should I get a Financial BluePrint?

You should check in on your finances at the very least EVERY YEAR. Just like with your physical health you want to get to get a Financial Physical because A LOT can happen in your year to change and/or shift your financial situation

I already used Identity IQ before and it's charging me full price, what do I do?

No worries! Let's use My Score IQ instead