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Don't Let Your Pockets Be Your Financial Guide

Queen Candace is a self-taught Money Management Specialist from Brooklyn, NY with a Bachelors in Psychology.  Growing up her family wasn’t very knowledgeable about finances and passed down quite a few financial generational curses. In 2015 she found herself in 50K debt. During her 2.5 year debt payoff journey, she realized a lot of her spending was due to emotional triggers. She used her knowledge of psychology, mental health diagnosis, financial research along with trial and error to clear her debt. Not only that, but within the same year of paying off the rest of her debt, she also established her business and purchased her first home at the age of 26 in 2018. It's her mission to help others reach their financial goals.

Since 2018 she has assisted over 20 clients in realizing their financial potential and shifting their mindset. She has also assisted over 10 clients in clearing their debt in half the time they thought possible! She's currently working with first time homebuyers to secure their properties with immaculate files like hers without co-signers.

This service is to provide a gateway to your financial goals. Queen Candace had to accomplish her major money goals on her own, but that doesn't mean you have to or should. Let her financial trial and errors be your guide and allow her to be the financial accountability partner you truly need!


We provide you with a personalized Financial BluePrint that assesses your; Money Mindset Financial Goals, Current Financial Situation, Financial Health, Credit Profile, Strategies to Improve and a 12 month Cash Flow Plan

One on One monthly check in sessions. And we'll even give you monthly adjustments to your Debt Payoff/Cash Flow Plan if you experience an off month, financial transition or financial emergency

Need to vent or gain perspective on a financial situation? The ULTIMATE safe space for money stories. An offline group to freely express your stress and gain insight. Access available on desktop & mobile app

Interested in learning financial literacy too? Attend our LIVE classes by financial & mental health professionals to help you build a multidimensional 

understanding of your finances. Clients receive unlimited access to replays

Your entire digital financial plan at your fingertips via our mobile app 'Queen BluePrint'  We give you control of your finances by connecting all of your digital accounts and personal financial documents in one safe space

We celebrate milestones around here! Clients will have their milestones celebrated in our group, social media & even on our Talk Show CREAM Academy!


**You may opt in to have your name announced otherwise all announcements outside of our private group will be anonymous


Working with Candace has been one of the best decisions I’ve made. When I started working with her I had just come out of divorce and job loss which left me in a debt crisis. Ignoring my debt and spending more money was my therapeutic way to deal with the anxiety around my finances. Candace’s methods for developing a healthy money mind set and establishing a financial recovery plan for me has put me on a path to be debt-free. More importantly, I have a healthier relationship with money and understand the value of having good credit. I feel so much more secure in my financial decisions thanks to her and would highly recommend her services.

—  Misty Campbell

Frequently Asked Questions

What if I'm in Debt and Can't Afford These Payments, but Would Like to Work with You?

Please purchase a Debt BluePrint and send us an email with your order number stating you're interested in support and would like to know how you can fit our services into your debt payoff strategy

How Does This Work?

First things first, this service is for those READY to COMMIT to the process of improving their financial situation and/or accomplishing their major money goals. Space is limited so if you're not ready to commit we have a single money mind session that may be a better fit!

  1. Once you sign up you will receive a confirmation email with a link to access to the onboarding instructions and your client dashboard

  2. When we receive all of your info we'll build your client dashboard within 48 hours

  3. You'll be provided a link to schedule your intake session so we can review everything together. 

What Happens During the Session?

It's designed to give you clarity on your financial goals and how we'll tackle them together. This service is catered to giving you an accountability partner that actually understands and has experience with obtaining a healthier relationship with money, building healthy financial boundaries, and remaining motivated to achieve major money goals.

**Please note that this service is for personal finances only. If you'd like assistance with starting, growing, or scaling your business please take a look at our  business mentor affiliates

I have a Spouse/Significant Other, Do You Offer Special Couple Pricing?

You can now add your spouse or significant to your client dashboard. We recommend this if you split expenses in the household or one person is financially dependant on the other. If they would like their own plan and their own dashboard they will need to purchase their own separate membership.

How Do I Gain Access to the Financial Literacy Classes?

Sign up ​on the Events & Classes Page or Download Our App


Is This Service apart of any Sales and/or Discounts?


Are there any Cancelation Fees?

This process is not a quick fix. It usually takes at least 3 months to start seeing progress. It all depends on how easy you adjust to the plan. There are no added cancelation fees, however cancelation  must occur PRIOR to the next billing date  in order to avoid the next charge. ANNUAL CLIENTS: must occur PRIOR to the next billing date in writing via the client hub

What's Your Refund Policy?

There are no refunds as this is a service that's provided daily via the client hub whether you utilize it or not. However, you're free to cancel at any time. ANNUAL CLIENTS: your contract ends 12 months after purchase so please be sure you're READY to invest in yourself.

Don't See Your Question?

Contact us so we can give you clarity!


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The Customer acknowledges and agrees that the Service Provider is not a certified
public accountant, financial planner, psychologist or certified therapist and is not providing any financial, tax, accounting, healthcare or legal advice by providing the Services. The Customer’s decisions made in reliance on the Services are its own for which the Customer has full responsibility.

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