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The Queen BluePrint, LLC is not a CPA, financial consultant, psychologist or certified therapist as yet. All information and guidance is provided using research, and personal experience. The founder is currently studying to become a Certified Financial Therapist.

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QB has partnered with a powerhouse credit repair & credit education company for personal & business credit!

Essentially we do all it takes to get you above 700 and we do it in 4 phases:


1st we remove your negative items (late payments, collections, delinquent accounts, judgments inquiries, etc)


2nd we teach you about credit -all 5 factors, and all of the nuances of credit. We teach you what to do and what not to do. This is in an effort to help you MAINTAIN a good credit score with prudent habits


3rd we help you build a positive history. We have very effective proven methods that get you approved for high limit, no interest or low-interest cards with no fees. The more credit you are approved for, the lower your utilization ratio will be , which is a important part of your score.


Last but not least, when we get you a high score over 700 we will teach you how to LEVERAGE that score to benefit yourself. How to invest with it if you decide to , etc. 📈


@FICOfinesse  We do affordable & Effective credit repair. Good credit is always in style

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