Major Money Goals Treatment™️

Money Management is NOT one size fits all. At each point of your journey, your finances will look different and demand a different money mindset! Let's organize your finances and develop a strategic plan to get you on the path to generational wealth

During the intake session you'll fill out the Financial BluePrint with Queen so that she can learn about your full financial profile. Once we get this information, we will be able to personalize your session and review the profile through the lens of the financial phase you're in. Whether you're here to just gain clarity on your financial situation, work through financial trauma, or finally figure out the pathway to the financial goals we're here to guide you. She creates a fully customized financial blueprint based on your relational, cognitive, emotional, behavioral, and financial wellness to unlock your money mindset and transform your finances

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Looking to just get financial accountability and/or organize your finances on your own? Check out our remedies shop for proven solutions including our new text coaching!

After your session, you can expect to have a full understanding and action plan to improve your financial health. You'll have the opportunity to enroll in one of our financial accountability treatment plans below.

Many patients begin to feel The Queen Effect after the very first session!



45 minute one on one sessions with Queen! Sessions can be utilized to discuss financial traumas, financial anxiety, adjusting your financial plan & strategizing about how to achieve your major money goals


Your financial situation could require an adjustment before your next session, you may have a question before a decision, or you may just need encouragement. You have 30m business hour text response time & off hours emergency text response (or call)



Complete transparency between you and Queen. It enables you to keep track of your financial goals progress and manage your finances by connecting your accounts and processing the information automatically


Your Financial BluePrint provides you with not only an analysis of your entire financial situation but also suggested strategies to improve your overall financial health and achieve your financial goals!



Take the pressure off of yourself with adjusting your plan when life happens. Your personal financial coach will assist you by collecting the updated data and providing an updated plan by the 1st of the next month


All clients who successfully complete the program are eligible to become a guest on Queen Candaces hit show CREAM Academy to discuss their journey! Which ever major money goal you accomplish will inspire someone to accomplish their own