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The Queen BluePrint, LLC understands that financial freedom, financial independence, and generational wealth are not only about money! They're about your mindset as well. The wealth mindset is the key ingredient in building generational wealth

Benefits of Utilizing Our Specialists

  • Mindset Shift

    We will explore and assess your money mindset together to gain a better understanding of how you make financial decisions. Time to unlearn all those bad habits and extinguish all the negative thoughts. We're digging deep so be prepared to relearn yourself!

  • 100% Financial Wellness

    Did you know that your finances are multidimensional? That's right! Your Finances affect and are shaped by your emotional, spiritual, physical, intellectual, social, vocational & environmental health. Let's establish a healthy financial self care routine

  • Solid Foundation

    What does it take to reach & maintain optimal financial health? There are several Elements of Your Financial Health including but not limited to eliminating debt & building credit. We're going to establish a sturdy foundation to begin building wealth

  • Wealth Strategies

    Of course, we have to get into the more tangible financial tools & strategies. Here you'll learn how to reposition your income, increase your cash flow, manage your cash flow, lower your taxes, and increase your net worth

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Meet Our Amazing Team

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    Queen Candace

    Money Management Specialist

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    Personal Credit Restoration

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    Certified Tax Professional

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    Health Insurance Agent

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