Repair Your Relationship
with Money

Whether you may realize it or not your relationship with money plays a critical role in your financial success. This is why exploring your money mind and understanding how you make financial decisions is ultimately what can assist you in relieving financial trauma and anxiety

Queen Candace is a Money Management Strategist™️ that specializes in Financial Psychology with a focus on the financially traumatic experiences in the Black family that enable generational poverty. Queen understands that the key to generational wealth is locked inside of their money mindset


"It's not just about the money, it's also about your mind!"™️

Often times when we're attempting to transition from a "bad" financial situation we immediately jump to the last step in the process which is to get a budget and fix our credit. What we don't realize is we're missing the opportunity to take a moment and study ourselves


Once we understand why we're making the financial decisions we are the easier it will be to accept the concept of budgeting and patiently build our credit profile


Program Features:


In order to repair our relationship with money we have to eliminate our unconscious beliefs and biases about money through relearning how to think about money



As you learn more about how and why you make financial decisions you'll begin to develop a healthy financial self care routine to get reacquainted with money



Each group coaching session will have a lot of information. You'll receive worksheets to work on during sessions and for the following week


Your financial foundation is essential in successfully shifting your money mindset. We'll build a customized action plan to follow


Morning text to start your day with a motivation quote, or story. Showing up for yourself is an important part of this journey and we want to make sure you're excited to complete each one


The relationships in our lives affect how we think, feel, and behave with money. This community is to provide moral support as you heal and transform