HR, Payroll, & Benefits

Without a smart plan to effectively manage your cash, your business risk and your employees, you may find yourself facing one serious obstacle after another, even as you try to grow your business. That is why our firm recommends ADP and their scalable suite of payroll and HR solutions that can help address everything from hire to retire

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Make it easier to pay employees

• Securely manage your payroll anywhere, anytime with mobile payroll solutions
• 24/7 live support from payroll specialists to help ensure accuracy with every payroll
• Provide flexible payment options to your employees: direct deposit, paper checks or pay card

Gain better control of your cash

  • Get better visibility into your cash with reporting and payroll liability previews

  • Access seamless general ledger integration with popular accounting software

  • Improve your cash flow predictability and eliminate the risk

    of large upfront premium deposits when you use ADP’s Pay-by-Pay® Premium Payment Program for Workers’ Compensation Insurance**

    Effectively manage and retain your people

  • Access live HR support, best practices, and cutting-edge technology to efficiently manage your day-to-day responsibilities

  • Offer big company benefits such as employee discounts and wellness programs

  • Offer attractive optional benefits such as retirement plans and, through

    ADPIA*, group health insurance

  • Fully outsource your payroll, HR and benefits administration with a

    Professional Employer Organization (PEO) relationship

    Reduce your compliance risk

  • Automated federal, state and local payroll tax management for greater accuracy no matter where you do business

  • Leverage a dedicated HR portal that places critical information in your hands, an easy-to-use wizard for creating and updating

    your employee handbook, job descriptions, access to background checks, and alerts on legislative changes

  • Confidently hire the most qualified candidates for any industry with ZipRecruiter

  • Versatile time tracking and scheduling solutions to help enhance payroll accuracy and improve compliance


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