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Brandy’s goal is to make the mortgage process as effortless as possible. She and her team educate customers on their home loan options and makes sure they know exactly what to expect at each step. With her clear guidance, personalized service, and impeccable loan management, Brandy’s team takes amazing care of their clients to help them achieve their homeownership dreams.

Brandy launched her mortgage career in 2003. Her experience includes underwriting, title, escrow, residential and multi-family transactions. She is a true advocate of learning and actively seeks out opportunities to stay current on mortgage guidelines, industry trends, and the local real estate market. That’s why she created a self-paced online course for those interested in buying, selling and investing in Real Estate.

When she’s not helping people become homeowners, Brandy enjoys traveling, kickboxing, and spending time with her wonderful family and friends.

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NMLS 1467876

Ph: 281-900-1925

IG: Beyondtheclose

FB: Beyondtheclosesociety

CH: BrandySams

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