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Who Is Hannibal Collins? Brooklyn Native. Founder of Imilce Investments, Founder of CreditQB , Regional Account Manager of FICOfinesse. Property Manager, Investor, Realtor. Former Territory manager & Field Sales Market manager for tech titans such as Verizon & Samsung as well as doing marketing campaigns for Amazon. Hannibal has a bevy of experiences to lean upon & leverage.

Compelled by a desire to empower his community through financial literacy, Hannibal contributes his time teaching high school students & collectives of community organizations vital information to achieve the objectives of ownership.

Hannibal is a personable and versatile individual who thrives off the positivity and energy of others. Fueled by his affinity for real estate & finance and immense desire to help people, he passionately approaches every consultation with professionalism. Having held innumerable sales/ marketing/ customer service oriented positions cumulatively for 10+ years, impeccable service is now an instinct. He also benefits from experience garnered working with consulting and financial management companies.

Hannibal takes initiative, exercises plenty of patience, and is solution-oriented when problems arise. With a fervent zeal for community acting as a collective, there is a lot that can be accomplished. Hannibal strives for our community as a whole to have more ownership - Businesses & property. We should invest more, share knowledge, support and uplift each other.

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