Fixing Your Own Credit: The FICOfinesse Flex

Contrary to popular belief you can fix your own credit. It takes a certain finesse but for the most part, it's utilizing the consumer laws that actually already exist to plead your case for removal. It's always great to provide concrete proof if you can too!

When I was fixing my own credit during my debt payoff journey a phone company attempted to force me to pay for a bill I didn't actually have. It was one of those flex-pay accounts where you pay for the month ahead and can cancel at any time. So ya know I DID. Apparently, someone in the billing

department didn't get the memo and reported not only a late payment but a balance of over $200 in collections. I called the company and they decided they wanted the money instead of doing what was right. So I wrote a letter to each credit bureau and attached my contract. The bureaus decided in MY favor and removed both the collections and the late payment from each bureau. My score shot up about 100 points the following month!

Often times we're not all great writers, right? And we don't necessarily understand how to leverage the law to our advantage. FICOfinesse, our credit repair partner, has done something amazing for you! They have a DIY credit repair kit loaded with all of the documents you need to clear your credit on your own.

Now remember credit repair is a very intricate process and one false move without a proper strategy in place could result in unintentionally lowering your score instead of improving it

However, some of us are savvy enough and have learned enough credit education to figure it out on our own so here's the tool to empower you to DIY your credit repair. Have fun!

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