Douglas Sea (California & Phoenix, AZ Realtor)

Douglas Sea is the CEO of Desired Homes, LLC with Keller Williams in Southern California

and in Phoenix, AZ. He's a Los Angeles, California native who now resides in Phoenix, Arizona. Mr. Sea served in the U.S. Navy for 10 years and had the pleasure of traveling to all the countries touching the Pacific Ocean. At one point in his career, he lived in both Hawaii and Japan. In addition to being well-traveled. Douglas is bi-lingual and speaks Spanish fluently.

He believes in providing a knowledgeable and a great experience to clients in obtaining their desired home and starting their journey to generational wealth.

Contact Him Now:

(818) 641-8393

Cities in Southern Calfornia:

  • Beverly Hills

  • Hollywood

  • Long Beach

  • Los Angeles

  • Orange County

  • Malibu

  • Palm Springs

  • Riverside

  • San Diego

  • Santa Barbara

  • The Valley

  • West Hollywood

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