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Akia Hardnett is an entrepreneur, speaker and innovative income strategist. Her diverse background in government contracting, business consulting and teaching gives her unique leadership insights and perspectives in business development.

As a speaker, she focuses her time on stage discussing business income diversification through a 7 Model Mandate and teaching businesses how to not only identify revenue but also accelerate their cashflow and profit margins with innovative business blueprints.

Her keen sense of spiritual intuition and business practicum provides the wherewithal and expertise to assist businesses in elevating their operational and organizational structures. As a serial entrepreneur and business owner, she has turned her lifelong commitment of service into a multi-faceted platform for the global economy leading people into both purpose and profits.

Akia’s creative style and high-energy messaging, have transcended generations and international borders. Entrepreneurs and business owners from South Africa, The United Kingdom, The Carribean, Canada and more than half of the 50 United States have gained clarity and direction on unlocking limitless cashflow, income diversification and business strategies.

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