Steps to First Time Homeownership

Updated: Feb 27

Homeownership is a stable route to building generational wealth. We've partnered with several real estate professionals to ensure your homebuyer, as well as your homeowner, the process goes smoothly. This includes- in true Queen BluePrint fashion- educating our clients on the process and providing guidance every step of the way. The homebuyer process can be broken up into 3 categories; Before You Hit the Bank Doors (Preparation), Prequalification, and After Closing. Don't worry, after closing, we're still available as your financial support system and if you're interested in going the investor route we have professionals to assist you in that arena as well!


Step 1: Envision

Understanding your motivation behind purchasing your home enables you to make the right decision out the gate. It also narrows your search a bit because a buyer taking up roots is not going to look at the property the same way an investor would. You'll save a lot of time trying to figure out what and where before you even contact a real estate agent. Our Homebuyer Organizer is designed to be your companion throughout the process and help streamline communication with your real estate agent

Purchase Our Homebuyer Organizer to Assist with this Step of your Journey

Step 2: Time to do a bit of RESEARCH!

I know this part kind of sucks but in order to make sure your deal is done with integrity and you've utilized all the programs & benefits of being a first-time homebuyer you have to understand the process for yourself. We have 2 ways you can gain knowledge and understanding in a fun and easy way as opposed to googling and researching on your own. Take advantage of our Home Ready eCourse (pictured to the right) and RSVP for our annual Homeownership Summit

Step 3

This is probably the most important step that about 85% of new homebuyers attempt to skip. Check-in with your finances at least 12 months before you want to start the actual homebuying process. You want to make sure nothing

stands in your way once you submit your application. Let our team comb through your finances and ensure that you have a clean financial bill of health. If you're not 100% you will receive actionable steps to get you cleared by your desired start date

Book a Wealth BluePrint so we can assist with your process


Step 1: Team

It’s important to have a team that is going to work with you and not against you to make the process more difficult than it really needs to be. Your core team will also consist of:

-Real Estate Agent

-Loan Officer (Our Preferred Lender is Brandy!)

-Real Estate Attorney (No referrals at this time)

3 good qualities to look for in ALL your real estate professionals:

  1. They have YOUR best interest at heart, not theirs

  2. They’re willing to take the time to explain what’s going on at each step

  3. They’re available to answer phone calls, emails, or even text messages

Step 2: House Hunting

Okay so once all of that boring stuff is done now comes the fun (yet could possibly be frustrating too) part, SHOPPING! So it’s time to grab that checklist you would have created months before hitting the bank door and put it to work! Any property you come across that may be a good contender or anything your agent sends you should be researching. You should have multiple copies of your checklist and go through it with each property.

Step 3: Closing

Once you’ve done your due diligence and found a property you want then it’s time to make an offer. Watch the episode of CREAM Academy as our attorney panelist explains. After closing successfully you'll need to readjust your financial strategy. At that point give us a call and we'll be happy to provide it free of charge if you've used our preferred lender

Grants/Downpayment Assistance

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