Increasing Your Cash Flow

Updated: Feb 27

One of the top 5 finance questions I get asked as a money management specialist is how do I increase my cash flow? It's also apart of my clients' plans! Can you guess what this post is going to be about? Creating multiple streams of income! Think about it! If your personal finances were a one-leg table what happens if the legs go out? The whole table falls right? What about if the table had several legs? You'd be a little wobbly but the other legs would essentially hold the table up until a replacement could be mended right? If you didn't learn anything from 2020 it's that multiple streams of income are no longer a luxury it's a necessity!

So you guys know I STRONGLY DISLIKE buzz words and phrases. Many people use them and seldom people actually explain what it means

First, let's talk about the difference between active income and passive income. Active income is money earned when you perform a service or when you work full- or part-time and earn a salary, a per-hour paycheck, or earn commissions (like a salesperson) or tips (like a bartender). Passive income on the other hand is income that requires little to no effort to earn and maintain. Okay, let's into the income streams!

  1. Earned Income: This is income from working a job. In this digital world long gone are the days where you could just walk into a store or corporate office, fill out a form and attach your resume. Now you have to search online! Some virtual places to search are,, your colleges' online classifieds,, and to name a few. There's nothing wrong with earned income, having a job or a career. What matters is that it fills you with purpose and you LOVE what you do. You only live one life, don't spend it slaving away for a dollar and letting life aimlessly pass you by

  2. Profit Income: This brings me to this stream of income by way of buying and selling. This could mean by a side hustle like postmates, doordash, taskrabbit, instacart, uber or lyft (freelance, independent contractor work) but it could also mean entrepreneurship! Now I want to make this very clear entrepreneurship is not easy and it's not for everyone. But if you get bit by this bug hold onto shoes because it's going to be a bumpy ride to the top. SO WORTH IT though!

  3. Interest Income: Have you ever heard the phrase, "be the bank"? It's referencing interest income by making money from lending money. You lend money and charge interest as time passes. This can be achieved in a myriad of ways: actually lending money, investments that earn interest, or cash assets in a bank that earns interest. Lending money can be a bit dangerous if you do not conduct it as a business and obtain an attorney to assist you. Cash sitting in a bank is the slowest and less rewarding way to gain interest. Now INVESTING, that's the major key here and the very first way to begin earning passive income (money that you don't have to physically work for). There is this super cool phenomenon called compound interest, "Compound interest refers to the phenomenon whereby the interest associated with a bank account, loan, or investment increases exponentially—rather than linearly—over time. The key to understanding the concept is the word “compound”. Suppose you make a $100 investment in a business which pays you a 10% dividend every year. You have the choice of either pocketing those dividend payments as cash, or reinvesting those payments into additional shares. If you choose the second option, reinvesting the dividends and compounding them together with your initial $100 investment, then the returns you generate will start to grow over time" (

  4. Residual Income: This is the purest form of passive income! Residual income is when you continue to get paid after the work is already done. So this could be from affiliate marketing in a blog (like this one), an online store, subscription-based businesses, creating an app (like the Queen BluePrint app), writing a book (like our homebuyers organizer), becoming a magazine editor (like, Youtube videos (like, creating an eCourse (like our Money Management eCourse), and of course social media content creation (like @thequeenblueprint). As you can see I actively try to create different streams within residual income!

  5. Dividend Income: This is the most popular choice most folks run towards when they think about increasing their cash flow. Dividend income is from owning stocks! There are quite a few ways to invest in stocks from robo advisors, DIY trading platforms, and hiring your own wealth manager (we refer Fortune Advisory! Tell Robert Queen sent ya).

  6. Rental Income: Traditionally this was renting out your house but this is 2021 you can rent almost EVERYTHING! Our real estate investor RB The Realtor uses house hacking to rent out every part of her home: the driveway, the basement, rooms, etc. Not to mention apps that now allow you to rent your car. Co-working has begun to increase as well so renting out your commercial space or office is a possibility as well. Get creative, sky's the limit with this one!

  7. Capital Gains: This is a fancy way to say your assets increase in value. You know like how owning property creates capital gains because it's the number one asset that increases in value from doing home improvement and just from simply existing. It's the profit earned on the sale of an asset that has increased in value over the holding period. An asset may include tangible property, a car, a business, or intangible property such as shares

  8. Royalty Income: Did you know you could get income from other people using your ideas? YUP! Of course, you have to create a contract and get an attorney involved to ensure you are paid and prove that the idea is yours. This can include leasing a copyrighted eCourse for resale, a song, a concept, a trademark, etc.

So you see there are PLENTY methods and we can even go into even more depth with each to create a strategy to multiply your cash flow within the same income stream. Mind-blowing right?!

Need help figuring out how to increase your cash flow? Book a Growth BluePrint or Wealth BluePrint and let's get you in a position to begin building wealth passively!

(See what I did there?)

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