Jay The Realtor (Southeast Florida Realtor)

♦️ Licensed Florida Realtor

♦️Keller Williams Palm Beach Agent

♦️Certified Realtor- Own A Home Opportunity Program/ Own A Home Opportunity Grant Program

♦️ First time home buyer specialist

♦️ Relocation Specialist

♦️Referral Agent


Who is Jay The Realtor? A father and grandfather that was born and raised in Harlem, NY. I am now an active resident of West Palm Beach, FL.

As a NY transplant, my experiences, and passion to help others have allowed me to understand there are questions that come with relocating to another state and questions that come with buying a home.

-You don’t know what you don’t know, right?-

My goal and focus is to help educate and empower you to achieve your real estate needs by making informed decisions.

I mainly serve South Florida but I have also helped people across the country buy, sell, invest, and rent property by networking with an amazing team of professionals.

I am forever a student to the real estate forever changing market and here to assist you with “making your realty dreams and needs a reality”.

Growing up in poverty and extremely humble beginnings has put me on a mission to help 100 families bridge the gap in the community from a poverty mindset to building generational wealth by way of real estate and financial literacy. Through the power of God and hard work, I am thankful and blessed to say I now own a home and building my investment portfolio.

I do a give-back every first Saturday of the month for first-time home buyers. We discuss credit, lending process, home buying process live on Facebook and zoom

I am an ambassador/scholar for BeFree University. A place where you’ll learn from great educators the things they don’t but should teach in schools. Such as real estate, how to purchase tax lien sales, how to trade in the forex market, business credit, financial planning, and so much more. If you’re looking to change your and your family's life trajectory I highly encourage you to check us out and join.

This is really not about me, it’s about how I can help you. I come from contribution and believe in building lifetime relationships. I look forward to sincerely becoming your new lifetime real estate resource.

Currently Servicing:

  • Palm Beach County

  • Broward County

  • Miami-Dade

  • Martin County

  • Port St Lucie

For more information and valuable resources please click the link tree link. I look forward to serving you: https://linktr.ee/jaytherealtor

James Williams


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