Luis Estrella (Licensed NY & NJ Realtor & Mortgage Bank Manager)

Updated: Mar 24

After suffering homelessness at a homeless early age, I knew I never wanted anyone to experience that feeling in their life. I’m driven to teach people the tools they need to create generational wealth. Real estate 🏡 is nothing but monopoly, my passion is teaching people the rules. Let’s build the steps to a better generation together. We help people repair their credit and leverage great credit to become home owners. Empower , educate, enabling anyone to buy real estate 🏡. . My wife and I run the Brightest Shine Homes real estate team. Honored to be helping my clients from credit to closing. Over 10 years of experience in the business.

📈over 11💲million in sales in 2020

📈 30 families became home 🏡 owners in 2020

📈 Our goal is to create 100 new home owners this year and I need your help. Our goal is to create generational wealth on a massive scale and it takes everyone doing a little to get a lot done.

Weekly Clubhouse Rooms :

❇️How to buy a house 🏡 for $7500 💰💴💵💸🏡🏠🏘. ( Mon-Friday 10am -12pm est)

Contact with Luis Here:

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