Why I'm Obsessed with WiX

Updated: Mar 24

If you know me there are currently 3 brands that I'm always raving about; JetBlue, Apple, and WiX! I've been with WiX since I started my entrepreneur journey at the end of 2017 (yes I tried the other ones like WordPress I didn't like them!). I liked it because not only was it free but it was easy to use! Now I'm a techy, but I no longer enjoy code because honestly after high school I can't remember much about it. So I LOVE the fact that it's a drag and drop interface. Like my 12-year-old niece could probably build websites on WiX it's that easy.

What makes me fall in love with a brand/business is the fact that they listen to their customers! Although WiX had been slowly but surely improving their platform, in 2020 they performed a massive facelift.

If you're looking for an all in one website and back-office solution for your business/brand at an affordable price WiX is the way to go

My Favorite Features Are:

  • This Blog for one

  • Fully Customizable Shop (for electronic and physical products)

  • Multiple Formats for Picture Gallery

  • Multiple Formats for Video Gallery

  • Full Integration with YouTube

  • Fully Customizable Menu Bar (Create tabs from links, submenus, anchors, etc.)

  • Booking (Google Calendar Sync, Multiple Calendars & Staff, Check-In/No Show/Cancel Marking, One on One, Group/Class, Zoom integration, Email & text alerts)

  • Pricing Plans (subscriptions, packages, one time, can attach to other access features on website like blog and/or groups)

  • Groups (bring your community from all of your social media to one central location without paying extra for a community website)

  • Full Social Media style member site

  • Full Events organization (registration, email alerts,

  • Forms (create multi-level, registrations, collect payments all separate from booking & paid plans)

  • Seamless Subscriber capture forms

  • Banners to alert about sales or discount codes

  • Business phone number connected to your website with phone call recording and texting features

  • Email Inbox integration with Google in your actual back office

  • Customizable automations

  • Workflows (just like Trello!)

  • Tasks & Reminders for you & your team

  • Zappier integration

  • Quickbooks integration

  • Moble App for YOUR business

And these are just MY favorites. WiX has so many other integrations and features and they're ALWAYS adding more so that their customers have a true all-in-one website and business solution.

Try WiX out now for FREE! Upgrade when you're ready. They're always having 50% off sales and their plans can go all the way to a 3-year package. So for those who hate monthly fees or even annual fees like me they take the financial anxiety right out of it! Oh, and did I mention you can hire a WiX website builder directly inside of your back office if website building isn't for you at an affordable price? Hold on ONE MORE THING, if you are a coder the platform has a coding mode you can switch to if you want to get fancy.

Sign Up Now by clicking HERE

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