"Bringing Financial Literacy to the Masses"™️

QBTV's mission is to bridge the gap between the mind and money. We are actively trying to eradicate generational poverty by teaching the wealth mindset to the masses. We also would like to provide an open forum to discuss the connection between generational poverty and the black community in the US, the Caribbean, and Africa

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CREAM Academy™️ is The Safe Space for Black Money Stories. Repair your relationship w/money with Queen Candace as she explains the connection between Mental Health and Money while providing healing! Available via The Promote Her Channel. Distributed on ROKU TV, Apple TV, Firestick TV, IOS, Android TV, Google Play, Web TV to 360 million verified viewers 

​7 business women meet up every week to have girl talk about trending topics and current events in the African American community. Available via Young Boss Media Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and Youtube with over 2K followers

Queen Candace provides LIVE financial advice based on the topic of the month!

RoyalTEA™️ is an American talk show hosted by Money Management Specialist Queen Candace. RoyalTEA Informs the Black Community/Diaspora on government policies, procedures & programs that affect our finances on a global, national, local, & individual level. Available via Young Boss Media & QBTV social media platforms totaling over 3K followers


TV Product Placement

1 Season (12 Episodes)

Have your product apart of our CREAM Academy OR RoyalTEA Set

 Purchase separately for both


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Advertise your business to our podcast family. Available on MULTIPLE podcast platforms via Anchor (ie. Spotify)

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1 Month (4 Posts) into our FB group & shoutout during monthly masterclass


Sponsorship packages available for all events: Wealth Brunch, FinCare Conference, Something for Your Legacy & Brown Sugar Roundtable

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1 Season (12 Episodes)

Advertise your business to our podcast family. Available on MULTIPLE podcast platforms via Anchor (ie. Spotify)

TV Flashes on Screen

1 Season (12 Episodes)

Have your social media handle, website, email, or phone number on screen during an episode. Only Available on CREAM Academy

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Queen BluePrint™️ is not a CPA, financial planner, psychologist, or certified therapist as yet. All information and guidance are provided using research, and personal experience. We provide access to licensed/certified financial professionals through partnerships with a few services provided at special affordable rates!

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