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Personal finance is often left out of the health and self care conversation. When in fact it's the common denominator and one of the main sources of anxiety, frustration, and chaos in every other area of wellness! We're here to help you establish a HEALTHY relationship with money so that the healing felt here can create a ripple effect elsewhere.

Here at The Queen BluePrint we strive to assess the needs of our clients as a WHOLE. By placing the PERSON at the center of their financial situation we can pinpoint what you may need on your financial journey to freedom. Who says you have to go at it alone?

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Weekly group calls to hold you accountable for your financial goals, establish a financial self care routine and repair your relationship with money

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The ULTIMATE safe space for money stories. A private group to freely express your stress and gain perspective

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We value our members! Which means we pack in all the value we can, including 15% off ALL Events YES Masterclasses too

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Brittany Regis

I finally put prices on my site this week. And I got the most orders in a week on my site since I got a website. I thought about your post about not having prices a few times and I was building up my confidence and clarity and then I updated my site and decided I was worth all that I put up there lol. I’ve had so many clients book off my site this week too and I’m feeling good about the next few weeks financially. I’ve been consistent with my financial journal and tracking the money coming in. I’ve been doing them in the notes on my phone lol so I’m definitely ready for your intern to teach me the budget tracker app on Tuesday.

What’s changed is I’ve been actually facing my finances instead of running from them. You kinda forced me to actually become aware of my financial situation and I know I still don’t fully see everything yet but I’m at least open to gaining new perspectives, rather than continuously thinking it’s not that serious .

Thanks Candace!

Misty Campbell

Working with Candace has been one of the best decisions I’ve made. When I started working with her I had just come out of divorce and job loss which left me in a debt crisis. Ignoring my debt and spending more money was my therapeutic way to deal with the anxiety around my finances. Candace’s methods for developing a healthy money mind set and establishing a financial recovery plan for me has put me on a path to be debt-free. More importantly, I have a healthier relationship with money and understand the value of having good credit. I feel so much more secure in my financial decisions thanks to her and would highly recommend her services.

Delaina Henry

I cannot say enough good things about this company and it’s CEO Candace. I’ve been working with Candace for about 3 months now and I couldn’t be more grateful for how much she has helped change my life already. Not only is she just a beautiful being overall but she is so knowledgeable and full of resources. I am still on my financial journey with her but I couldn’t be happier with her services so far. I would HIGHLY recommend working with her if you’re trying to get your finances back on track. She is AMAZING.

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Queen BluePrint™️ is not a CPA, financial planner, psychologist, or certified therapist as yet. All information and guidance are provided using research, and personal experience. We provide access to licensed/certified financial professionals through partnerships with a few services provided at special affordable rates!

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