Financial Professionals

When we're in a financial bind often times we make knee jerk decisions about not only our money but also who we choose to spend money with to assist us

The Queen BluePrint provides access to vetted, verified, and certified financial professionals for each pitstop of your financial journey. We want to not only supply you with a roadmap with the financial blueprint but also provide you the resources to take action!

Please note specialists are considered third party vendors and are in no way employees of TQB nor the responsibility of TQB

"A consequence of working with Queen & the Team is achieving your financial dreams™️"


Queen Candace is our Money Management Strategist™️. She's from Brooklyn, NY, and has a Bachelors in Psychology.  Growing up her family wasn’t very knowledgeable about finances and passed down quite a few financial generational curses. In 2015 she found herself in 50K debt. During her debt payoff journey, she realized a lot of her spending was due to emotional triggers. She used her knowledge of psychology, mental health diagnosis, financial research along with trial and error to clear her debt. Not only that but within the same year of paying off the rest of her debt, she also established her business and purchased her first home at the age of 26


She's helped to clear over 60K combined debt for her clients in a fraction of the time and helped clients to purchase their first home

Providing you with the best specialists for the best care

All specialists are third party vendors and NOT employees of The Queen BluePrint, LLC

Rose Allure | Credit

As a Certified Credit Consultant, Rose assists clients in budgeting their finances, starting lucrative businesses, investing in real estate, preparing for retirement, and more. She's an advocate for change and she loves what she does

Robert F. | Retirement

For over 12 years, Robert has worked with individuals, families and businesses to deliver services and solutions that help build, preserve and create wealth.

Collette Woods | Taxes

Her expertise is in small business tax for new business owners/entrepreneurs, side-giggers, and individuals in need of help with past year tax delinquencies. Colette currently sits on the board of Directors for the National Association of Tax Professionals

Sabrina F. | Health Insurance

Franklin Insurance Solutions LLC protects and builds wealth for individuals and business owners by providing solutions to mitigate financial loss due to illness, disability, market volatility or death

Armina S. | Wills & Trusts

A third-generation entrepreneur extraordinaire, speaker, and a business giant in her own right for over twenty years. Armina is proficient in building wills & trusts for not only your family but your businesses and real estate 

Jamal B. | Life Insurance

Jamal Brown has a strong passionate history as a Wealth Management Specialist. He joined First Generation Life in 2015 as an important liaison between First Generation Life’s Financial Literacy program and local churches within the area