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The Queen BluePrint, LLC is not a CPA, financial consultant, psychologist or certified therapist as yet. All information and guidance is provided using research, and personal experience. The founder is currently studying to become a Certified Financial Therapist.

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Life is What YOU Make It!

These programs are designed to help you along which ever phase of your financial journey yo are on. Whether you need a personalized debt payoff plan, a financial goal action plan or entrepreneur financial skills QB has a program for you!  Not only do you receive financial planning but financial literacy  & therapy as well. QB believes in a  holistic approach to finances creating a client-centric experience. Each program has a 5 Client Capacity!

Each plan includes:

  • Monthly Support Sessions 

  • Weekly/Bi-Weekly Bill Payment Reminders

  • Financial Overview of Your Entire Financial Situation

  • Client Hub (with Mobile App)

  Step 1: Book an Enrollment Session

$99 Enrollment Fee Covers Financial Overview

Regularly Priced at $149