Life is What YOU Make It!

These programs are designed to help you along which ever phase of your financial journey yo are on. Whether you need a personalized debt payoff plan, a financial goal action plan or entrepreneur financial skills QB has a program for you!  Not only do you receive financial planning but financial literacy  & therapy as well. QB believes in a  holistic approach to finances creating a client-centric experience. Each program has a 5 Client Capacity!

Each plan includes:

  • Monthly Support Sessions 

  • Weekly/Bi-Weekly Bill Payment Reminders

  • Financial Overview of Your Entire Financial Situation

  • Client Hub (with Mobile App)

  Step 1: Book an Enrollment Session

$99 Enrollment Fee Covers Financial Overview Regularly Priced at $149

Looking for the Debt Payoff Program? We're currently at capacity, but if you subscribe to our newsletter you'll be the first to know when spots are open!

Website Disclosure

The Queen BluePrint, LLC is not a CPA, financial consultant, psychologist or certified therapist as yet. All information and guidance is provided using research, and personal experience. The founder is currently studying to become a Certified Financial Therapist.

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