Long Term Care

Creating Generational Wealth

Wealth isn't a one-path concept. There are multiple ways to obtain generational wealth. You may be interested in going the stock/crypto route, real estate route, or even become an entrepreneur.

Investing is for EVERYONE. You must understand your risk tolerance, lifestyle and personality in order to determine which path to wealth is right for you. You may even find that you're interested in multiple routes!

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All Roads Lead to INTERNATIONAL Wealth

Wealth doesn't happen in a silo. It branches out and reaches all the corners it possibly can. Multiple streams of income in your personal finances and multiple streams of revenue in your business are absolutely essential when we look at the overall financial health

If we dig deeper into building generational wealth we'll see many cultures and communities have their financial foundation in their HOME countries. The Black community has to adopt this wealth-building method if the culture is going to elevate

We must not only buy back the block, buyback zipcodes but also buy back our countries. Through our partnership with the Diaspora Freedom Initiative, we're able to assist African Diasporans in not only building businesses in the Motherland (and the Caribbean) but also purchase property or land!