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Are you 100% Financially Fit? 

If the answer to that question is no, then we have some work to do! So what does being financially fit really mean? It means being in full control of your finances, having all the necessary financial professionals and plans in place while building generational wealth.

How can you achieve this?

  • Attending our FREE LIVE Elements of Your Financial Health Masterclass to learn what it takes to truly be financially fit

  • Ordering your Financial BluePrint so that you can fully understand your financial situation. It's jam packed with information on your finances, money mind and provides a very comprehensive credit analysis provided our credit specialist partner 

  • Getting assistance from our certified Financial Specialists with any services or financial products you may need. Whether that's health insurance, a retirement plan, business mentor, or a loan (the list goes on!) we've got you covered

Financial Literacy is Currency

Money Talks Season 1 Soft Launch Available Now

While there are some people who just want services done for them and aren't really concerned with learning why or how, some of you will inquire! We have just the thing to feed your mind and your wallet. If you understand the mechanics of things then you will ultimately have the choice of doing it yourself and doing it the right way.

How can you achieve this?

  • Tuning into QBTV. We have financial literacy programs running all day long via or video on demand platform

  • Attend our Money Talks membership TODAY! It's our amazing coaching program that gives you true insight into your money mind and feeds your brain all the financial facts with specialists up close & personal 

  • Subscribe to our Youtube channel! We have a "What Is" series that literally defines and breaks down financial terms

Are you Ready to Become Financially Free?

Debt and poor credit can cripple you your entire life until YOU choose to take a stand. Financial neglect is often at the forefront of debt and poor credit. We challenge you to FACE your finances and rebalance your life.

How can you achieve this?

  • Purchase our Money Management eCourse to learn the elements of your financial health and how to to get out of debt. Remember it's not only about the's also about your mind!

  • Order a Financial Resilience BluePrint. It's much like our Annual Financial BluePrint except instead of getting just a one-month budget you'll receive a 12-month debt PAYOFF plan. It will map out exactly where and how to spend so that you stay on top of your bills and debt!

  • Enroll in our Financial Concierge subscription. This way you can receive money mind sessions with our money management specialist and you'll be held accountable for actually taking the steps to get yourself out of debt. Hurry though, there are only 20 spots available!

Queen Candace, our money management specialist, sharing her money story at the Adjust Thy Crown Symposium March 2020

So You Want to be a Homeowner?

Let's burst the bubble right now! Purchasing a home can be an extremely frustrating experience. "More than 44 percent of would-be buyers think they’ll make a costly mistake when purchasing a home. A whopping 36 percent of recent homebuyers said they already did." Let's make sure you're not one of those statistics!

How can you achieve this?


  • Purchase our first time home buyer Home Ready eCourse to prepare. It's jam-packed with in-depth information about the entire process, where and how to find your team, GRANTS, and so much more! Created in collaboration with Shatisha of Financial Matters who was able to claim 50k in grants and 10k in downpayment/closing assistance!

  • Attend our annual homeownership month event Something for Your Legacy Summit. It will be 6hrs of first-time homebuyer education! We'll start with our first-time homebuyer workshop. Then follow up with our Refinancing, Reverse Mortgage & Foreclosure Masterclass. And end the day with our Money Talk on Investing Globally.

  • We provide homeownership counseling FREE! Enter the Homeownership Hub for professionals/resources to buy, invest, and maintain your home. All in one convenient location

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Debt Management

Clients can receive credit counseling, credit repair, debt consolidation, money management eCourse, accountability sessions & more!

Real Estate

From first time homeowners, refinancers, beginner investors (domestically as well as internationally), and seasoned investors we can provide an eCourse, financing, and mentorship


Access to multiple insurance providers to produce a personalized policy for your life, health & disability needs


Capability to provide mortgages in ALL 50 states, assist with acquiring business startup funds, investor funds, personal loans and true debt consolidation

Wealth Management

Grow and protect your investments including but not limited to retirement funds, estate in a trust & scaling your business


Business and personal taxes prepared through our strategic partner. We can also provide a business finance manager for budgeting & quarterly tax strategies

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