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Personalized Approach

Services are never generic one size fits all. Specialists take time to get to know the client to provide a personalized financial solution

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No Pressure

If the client isn't financially or mentally ready to commit to a service, no worries! We're here when you need us

Business Consultation

Financial Literacy

Specialists are vetted in order to provide clients with a complete understanding of the services being rendered


Customized Experience

Clients can choose to use a financial product/service provided by a specialist or recieve a low to no cost walkthrough to do it themselves where possible

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Ready to get started with a complete overview of your financial situation? Purchase a Financial BluePrint or one of our other financial plans in our Financial Remedies Shop


Debt Management

Clients can receive credit counseling, credit repair, debt consolidation and a rigorous debt payoff program

Real Estate

From first time homeowners, refinancers, beginner investors and seasoned investors we can provide programs, collaborations & financing


Access to multiple insurance products to provide a personalized policy for life, health & disability


Capability to provide mortgages in ALL 50 states, assist with acquiring business startup funds, investor funds and true debt consolidation

Wealth Management

Grow and protect your investments, retirement funds, estate in a trust & build your business


Solopreneurs can rest easy with their business and personal taxes prepared through our strategic partner. We can also provide an accountant for budgeting & quarterly tax strategies


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Money Management Specialist

Candace was able to not only pay off 50K debt but in one calendar year paid off the last 20K, established Queen BluePrint™️ and purchased her first home at the age of 26. She's taken all her techniques, research & Psychology Degree to create the BLUE debt payoff program, First Time Homebuyer Bundle, Homebuyer Organizer and many more products and services to cultivate financial wellness. She's helped well over 20 clients organize their finances, find financial peace and get out of debt

Queen BluePrint


Credit Specialist

Hannibal is a personable and versatile individual who thrives off positivity and energy of others. Fueled by his affinity for Real Estate & Finance and immense desire to help people, he passionately approaches every consultation with professionalism. Having held innumerable sales/ marketing/ customer service oriented positions cumulatively for 15+ years , impeccable service is now an instinct. He also benefits from experience garnered working with consulting , investing and financial management companies.

FICO Finesse


Business Financial Manager

Ashley D. Harris is not your “average” finance and accounting professional. She is the vibrant, creative and energetic Founder and CEO of Behind the Numbers Financial Consulting, LLC, a boutique financial consulting and business management firm and the Know Your Money Honey brand. Known as the Holistic CFO and Business Financial Educator, Ashley uses her 15 years of financial and managerial accounting, audit, tax and personal finance experience to coach, train, and consult growth oriented and financial success driven entrepreneurs on how to implement financial systems in their business that will help them achieve long term business growth, sustainable profits, and consistent cash flow while ensuring their personal finances are healthy as well.

Behind the Numbers


Financial Consultant

Fortune Advisory Services & Fortune Capital Consulting were founded by owner Robert Fortune in 2017. For over 12 years, we have worked with individuals, families and businesses to deliver services and solutions that help build, preserve and create wealth. Our purpose is to deliver our passion for financial freedom through service and help clients reach their financial goals and obtain the same financial freedom. 

Fortune Advisory


Principal Agent

Sabrina Franklin is the Owner of Franklin Insurance Solutions LLC. With years of experience in the insurance industry as well as the teaching profession, Sabrina offers individuals and business owners a holistic understanding of health and life insurance. She explains the benefits of life insurance and other insurance products for protection against financial loss within the insured's lifetime to offset the unforeseen risk to income, lifestyle and business investments.

Franklin Insurance Solutions


Business Consultant

At the Diaspora Freedom Initiative their #1 goal is to see Diaspora owned businesses circumvent the pitfalls of institutional racism and win in the Global Marketplace (if you’re an individual and not a business then you should take a look at our group and apply to join, we have options for you too). They take these businesses and show them exactly how to completely circumvent racist institutions & systems and win. As an added bonus our clients, on average see a doubling in their company’s network within 12 months, they gain access to financing that was unavailable to them before, and no longer need to deal with any non-diaspora owned company for any of their storage, production, or supply chain needs.

Diaspora Freedom Initiative


Tax Preparer

Shatisha Stephens is a Financial Literacy Educator and Advocate. Since launching her business, Shatisha has taught 500+ attendees over 20 financial literacy workshops by partnering with some organizations such as No Rest for Success foundation, Play 2 Purpose, Leaders of the 21st Century, and Spotify.  Her primary goal is breaking generational curses and building and staining wealth.

Financial Matters


Lending Coordinator

Help business owners, real estate Investors and consumers establish sustainability by assisting in the procurement of capital beyond the confines of conventional lending criteria.

Currently CEO and Founder of Richmond capital a nationwide funding brokerage providing unsecured loans to qualified borrowers. We also help business owners to establish credibility increase the cash flow that will be the asset to growing their business.

Richmond Capital


Mortgage Loan Officer

A strong emphasis on residential lending allows me to identify the best programs and rates available in today’s market on a timely basis while making available most residential loan programs – including FHA, VA, USDA, Jumbo and conventional loans. As a mortgage professional I will identify financial solutions which are best suited for your situation. With a national network of loan production offices, I possesses extensive knowledge of the mortgage industry and as a mortgage specialist who will understand the uniqueness of your situation, allowing me to provide you with the most personalized and comprehensive services available.

Quontic Bank

*specialists are listed here as third party vendors and are not employees of Queen BluePrint nor Imperial Financial Collective. We are not responsible for any services rendered by them

Website Disclosure

Queen BluePrint™️ is not a CPA, financial planner, psychologist, or certified therapist as yet. All information and guidance are provided using research, and personal experience. We provide access to licensed/certified financial professionals through partnerships with a few services provided at special affordable rates!

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