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The Key to Generational Wealth is Optimal Financial Health™️

The Queen BluePrint Financial Clinic can assist you in repairing your relationship with money

Generational wealth begins after the second generation has successfully maintained and/or increased the family's assets. It can't be accomplished without proper money management skills. Money management and debt is far beyond budgeting! It’s about money mindset, alleviating financial anxiety, building a financial self-care routine and having a solid financial plan


A financial emergency, transition, or economic disaster leads to your finances being in a disarray. Our specialists are all trained to assist you mentality, emotionally & financially through this critical time


You're not in debt or in any crisis but your finances need to be organized for optimal financial health and you may be in need of financial literacy in order to maintain it. The 90 Day Financial Reset™️ will have you up & running


You have reached optimal financial health and are able to maintain it. You're ready to begin investing! There are 3 paths you can take to investing or simply take them all. Our platform educates and provides training for you 

We Bring the Financial Resources to YOU

It's standard that all locations have an in-house certified financial therapist and credit restoration agent to assist you through the process. All other needed financial professionals (such as a life insurance agent, wealth management, tax professionals, etc.) are vetted & verified by management if a company other than our partners are utilized.

Your financial future is very important to us!


Tiffany Duncan

Candace is a professional, intelligent, and gregarious individual who offers a wealth of financial knowledge. She has the ability to listen, understand, and dissect your situation to provide the best resources to fit your individual needs. She is further substantiated by her vast network of financial colleagues that add even greater depth on subjects of banking and/or credit as well as real estate. She is genuinely concerned with her community and the black diaspora, and therefore prices her services reasonably and offers expert assistance. I definitely recommend.

Osvaldo Mogena

The Queen Blueprint is the best. She divulges information with confidence because she knows her stuff. She is teaching/helping from a place of personal experience, having actually used all the tools, tips, and resources she now refers. She is professional, but not rigid...super friendly and just fun to work with. She has an instagram and facebook page where she is always dropping gems for free. If you really want to turn your life around though, book her!! She is worth it and you will not regret making this investment in yourself and your family.

Yonette Mounsey

When sis says she has the blueprint, she means it! I’ve never met someone so caring and dedicated to helping people better themselves, business & over all life experience. I have worked with Candace with budgeting, fixing my credit, life insurance and business planning. She has fully changed what I perceived to be accomplishable and offers information and connections for everything you may need! She is my plug for everything and I will absolutely continue to work with her and her company in the future! Thank you so much!

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The Customer acknowledges and agrees that the Service Provider is not a certified
public accountant, financial planner, psychologist or certified therapist and is not providing any financial, tax, accounting, healthcare or legal advice by providing the Services. The Customer’s decisions made in reliance on the Services are its own for which the Customer has full responsibility.

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"It's not just about the money, It's about your MINDSET"

-Queen Candace, CEO

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