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Improving Your Financial Health

Queen Candace assists in establishing a financial self-care routine that works with her clients' lifestyles, personalities, and cash flow. She's partnered with over 5+ trusted financial professionals to create a safe all-inclusive fiscal space. Her focus is on money management, mindset shift, and manifesting financial goals

Are you 100% Financially Fit? 

If the answer to that question is no, then we have some work to do! So what does being financially fit really mean? It means being in full control of your finances, having all the necessary financial professionals and plans in place while building generational wealth.

How can you achieve this?

  • Purchase a Financial BluePrint and/or book a Consultation so that you can fully understand your financial situation. It's jam-packed with information on your finances, money mind and provides a very comprehensive credit analysis provided by our credit specialist partner 

  • Getting assistance from our certified Financial Specialists with any services or financial products you may need. Whether that's health insurance, a retirement plan, a business mentor, or a loan (the list goes on!) we've got you covered

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Money Management

Clients can receive credit counseling, credit repair, debt consolidation, money management eCourse, accountability sessions & more!

Real Estate

From first time homeowners, refinancers, beginner investors (domestically as well as internationally), and seasoned investors we can provide an eCourse, financing, and mentorship


Access to multiple insurance providers to produce a personalized policy for your life, health & disability needs


Capability to provide mortgages in ALL 50 states, assist with acquiring business startup funds, investor funds, personal loans, and true debt consolidation

Wealth Management

Grow and protect your investments including but not limited to retirement funds, estate in a trust & scaling your business


Business and personal taxes prepared through our strategic partner. We can also provide a business finance manager for budgeting & quarterly tax strategies

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We're OPEN!

Our office is located in the heart of Downtown Brooklyn, NY. Due to the Corona Virus, office hours are by appointment only. In 2022 we hope to hold regular hours and accept walk ins again!


Tiffany Duncan

Candace is a professional, intelligent, and gregarious individual who offers a wealth of financial knowledge. She has the ability to listen, understand, and dissect your situation to provide the best resources to fit your individual needs. She is further substantiated by her vast network of financial colleagues that add even greater depth on subjects of banking and/or credit as well as real estate. She is genuinely concerned with her community and the black diaspora, and therefore prices her services reasonably and offers expert assistance. I definitely recommend.

Osvaldo Mogena

The Queen Blueprint is the best. She divulges information with confidence because she knows her stuff. She is teaching/helping from a place of personal experience, having actually used all the tools, tips, and resources she now refers. She is professional, but not rigid...super friendly and just fun to work with. She has an instagram and facebook page where she is always dropping gems for free. If you really want to turn your life around though, book her!! She is worth it and you will not regret making this investment in yourself and your family.

Yonette Mounsey

When sis says she has the blueprint, she means it! I’ve never met someone so caring and dedicated to helping people better themselves, business & over all life experience. I have worked with Candace with budgeting, fixing my credit, life insurance and business planning. She has fully changed what I perceived to be accomplishable and offers information and connections for everything you may need! She is my plug for everything and I will absolutely continue to work with her and her company in the future! Thank you so much!

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The Customer acknowledges and agrees that the Service Provider is not a certified
public accountant, financial planner, psychologist or certified therapist and is not providing any financial, tax, accounting, healthcare or legal advice by providing the Services. The Customer’s decisions made in reliance on the Services are its own for which the Customer has full responsibility.

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"It's not just about the money, It's about your MINDSET"

-Queen Candace, CEO

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