The Queen BluePrint, LLC

Aren't you tired of feeling out of the loop? Of feeling as though you are missing vital information? Let us help you get your life in order with easy to understand seminars, workshops,  eCourse, one on one consultations and more! (QB is not affiliated with any multilevel marketing platform)

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The Queen BluePrint, LLC

"Manifesting the Millennial Money Mind"

The Queen BluePrint, LLC est. July ‘18 is a small financial education company (NOT AFFILIATED WITH ANY MULTILEVEL MARKETING GROUP) here to help bridge the gap btwn Finances and Mental Health. My mission is to provide guidance to those who didn’t have access to financial information. I’m here to get your financial goal back on track! 


By going through my experiences & researching I’m able to provide a unique perspective on money management and financial planning. I’m here to help heal! Emotional distress, mental health, & generations of bad money habits are what plague the lower, working & middle classes. The only way to heal is to understand that your emotional state, mind & finances are all tied together.

So I must ask, what does financial freedom mean to you? Let’s get started manifesting your dreams!

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